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released June 30, 2013

Thanks: Vollman's "The Ice-Shirt", Dženana's twins, all witches, Sarajevo, Ben, Leif, and Julia Ward Howe



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Sew Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Pension
in a car that's merging on the freeway i'm in the backseat lying down looking out the vines on the ground hold it here hold it down up and and down up and down waiting for their pension now a square of blue with the wires moving up and down a ball of vines with the people moving up and down
Track Name: Witches
there are nine knives pinned to my tail there are nine tales to tell in the night witches of september nine on frozen creeks and dead leaves you fly witches born in february worms crawl out of mommy's belly
Track Name: Grasshopper Legs
grasshopper legs made of string will you hold me? grasshopper strings made of legs will you hold me? down to the ground song of legs i will sing until my knees are crushed grasshopper legs will you sing to me? grasshopper songs you won't stop when you are bloody in the ground
Track Name: Grasshopper Bones
empty strollers unclaimed cribs turned into graves when fire fights air the misstep is a one-foot casket grasshopper bones turned into unclaimed cribs built for you pacifiers planted in the ground sprout flowers and their babies are floating up with marching sounds grasshopper bones will only ever be bones
Track Name: Shenandoah
my family comes from the valley but i'm going to go over the mountain mile over mile to sing with you on the radio shenandoah remember me evergrowing everflowing little mountain stream ancient ocean depth of love i'm bringing the valley with me shenandoah remember me
Track Name: Massanutten
the closer i get the bigger you are the snowflake gets wet and it disappears the stars start to melt like wax from our ears snowflake masterpiece
Track Name: Bones
bones stones and parables moans of the stegosaur bones rattle all around us with a deafening roar bones whistling the flute so hard that your lip's sore we dreampt up dragons before we dug up dinosaurs I can't remember tomes dirt beneath our brick paleontological guitar and drum kit homes made of blood and stick we're sending our soundings from the walls of the basement somehow dismember evolutionary reverie envision the reptile King entangled enraptured on ivory wings
Track Name: Department of Transportation
another deliver at 6AM another morning without saying hello another day of getting angry at nothing of wondering why the ground is tangled so so try to climb cloud vines to upper stations leave my idling truck below climb cloud vines to upper stations and fill the paperwork out black line on white background gratification mind clicks print to the silentest route printer prints sheets of silence out i'm calling the department of transfer and shipping i'm checking off boxes with a ballpoint pen my heart malfunctions whenever it feels like do i qualify for pre-approved disconnection the bureaucratic cortex of the angel's hallways says your neural passages have turned to dirt we're faxing the department of transportation your heart has run away and it does not hurt i'm calling the department of transportation my heart has run away i won't run after it i'll just sit still yes i can hold all day
Track Name: Lake Song
we'll make our way to the bottom of the lake to prove we're not afraid we'll sink and sink the marsh is on fire the water is safe clean dark cold will help us sing we'll take a bath and we'll clog up the drain the scum is rising over everything
Track Name: Battle Hymn of the Vine Land
when you see land you will shout out ho! when you taste the grapes you will know and when smell john brown moulderin' in his grave his soul is marching on- glory glory halleluja! glory glory hallelu! mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord he is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored he hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword his truth is marching on- glory glory hallelujah! glory glory halleluh!